A first look at the mobile game we’re developing called “Speed Block”.


Hey guys, here’s a first look at the mobile game “Speed Block” we’re developing at Broken Taxi Studios. The game is basically Monument Valley + Crossy Road + Temple Run.

You play as a yellow glowing block, speeding down a squiggly lane platform. You have to make sharp turns to avoid falling.

The controls are currently swiped right to turn -90° and swipe left to turn 90°, called Race car controls. But I’m making new controls designed by Dale also our designer of the game where you turn towards the direction you swipe, called Normal Controls, sort of like Crossy Road. The reason we are testing out new controls is that throughout playtest almost every single player got the controls wrong; They would always attempt to swipe towards where they want to turn.

Gameplay always comes first for me. But the graphics are pretty damn sexy. We had 8 prototypes until we reached this design. Low-poly water like Monument Valley, Isometric camera, color scheme of Yellow + Blue. Oh god I love it. We also hope to have multiple scene setup for different character skin. Like a desert setup with pyramids and camels for some Egypt character, or some ancient Asian buildings and bright moon for ninja character. Lot’s of room for creativity! The only problem I’ have with the current look is the UI. I had to use the unity drop shadow to make the white text pop out from the background. But it just looks kinda lame, gonna have to work on that.

The music is by my friend Aria Deng, thank you so much! He’s a very good EDM producer. Here’s a link to some of his demo’s. We are referencing the music from Jelly Jump. Aria specifically chose Drum & Base for the music because of the game’s fast paste rhythmic gameplay. It just sounds fucking great for the game.

Work in progress

Working on the jumping mechanics, I feel like just turning around is not intense enough. I’ll have to try and see, might make the game too complicated for the lazy mobile users. But let’s be real bruh, once you implement something do you really delete it?

Also, special particles FX when turning, sound effects. I need to juice the gameplay up.

Another screenshot 


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