The “Annual” The Rainbow and the Cube Dev Update (Previously SpeedyBlock)

The last update for my iPhone game was a year ago. What new features did we create? What designs did we change? Let’s get right to it…

Here’s the latest build screenshot, I think our players will love it. It’s colorful, responsive and clean. This design is thanks to our designer Dali Liu, my best friend, and Sam Anderson, Dali’s roommate. I flew to San Francisco to meet them, and we worked for an entire week, 24/7. The work we did together for “Rainbow and the Cube” was exciting, engaging and a memory of a lifetime for me.

Screenshots and Trailers


The game has come a long way, albeit rather slowly. But we got a month worth of work done in a week when I flew over to Dali and Sam in San Francisco and I’m very happy with that. We’ve completely reworked the color schemes, revised the UI design and added a core game mechanic. Let me explain some of the major updates.

Mechanics: New Rainbow Mode

We have a new mechanic called Rainbow Mode. The player will now get point-multiplier-bonus (x2,x4,x8) starting from the 3rd perfect turn. The perfect turn the multiplier is terminated when the player fails to perform a perfect turn. Rainbow Mode rewards the player exponentially for being consistent. Imagine the sweaty palms the players will have at 20x the point each turn, it’s exciting, and nerve-wracking as well. The motivation behind this idea is that before our game lacks stake and building tension, that there was nothing to lose when the player makes a bad turn.

Music: New Rainbow Music

For the new Rainbow Mode, we have created a unique rainbow map skin and theme song. Aria (Citric Aria) Deng, our audio engineer, and audio designer has created new music just for it (“Rainbow Road”). The music is a perfect match for the mode, it is trippy, short and it loops. We made it like this so we can switch back and forth from the main theme song to the rainbow mode theme song during play. Again and again, Aria surprises the team with his incredible musical talent. He understands music like no one else does and has a thorough understanding of the science of sound and music theory. We’re excited and lucky to have Aria part of the team.

Our new Rainbow Mode music “Rainbow Road by Citric Aria”

Design: New UI, New Colors

The new map color design is much more diverse and interesting for the player to explore. Like before, these maps skin will change based on what level the player is in, making new high scores more memorable. In order to achieve this, I rewrote our map skin code and created a nice editor for the designers to experiment with colors in-game real-time. For the first time, I’ve made use of the custom editor feature and it has immediately paid off. The editor streamlined the design workflow and enabled Dali and Sam to put a great amount of time and effort in the designs. As a result, we proudly present 5 new maps!

The editor I created for our designers to create map skins, click enlarge

New UI Design, and some special FX mockups

New UI Design, and some special FX mockups

Post with 6 views. New UI Design, and some special FX mockups



If you’re interested we have a small website for our Studio Bad Engine Games:

Sam Anderson’s Linkedin

Dali Liu’s Linkedin

My (Louis) Linkedin