Not for the faint of heart, this is my personal scratch book so quality is not guaranteed.

Cookie-Clicker Gun Game

With mounted gun aiming in 3D

Update 01 10/8/2018
Doing an AR version of this, focusing on shooting with AR tracker and leaderboards.

Ball race idle game

pass other balls to get money to go faster

Gatlin gun on Skrrt Skrrt

Fighting a red-eye monster in the distance.

Update 01 9/20/2018
The map needs to be much much wider so players can move around and different types of zombies.


Vertical Z-Axis Battle Royale party game

Update 01 9/20/2018
It’s not a battle royale game because players can’t shoot at each other. Might turn into a puzzle survival game.

Beat Saber: Battle

Two people face to face, sword slash to shoot beat attacks flying to the other

Update 01 9/20/2018
Each players boxes would obstruct the view of other boxes.

Basket Ball Boss Rush: Dynamite

A boss rush where you’re making three-pointers with a bomb into the boss’s week spots.

Ping Pong

Use AR Tracking to juggle a ping pong ball in the virtual space.

Update 01 10/17/2018
AR Sharing is not available in Unity yet.


the Japanese game Pachinko (パチンコ), distilled onto mobile. Predesigned levels and maybe story. Should be easy for users to control, and also very addicting to do something very simple and work towards a greater goal.